About us


To make honest everyday food and beverages, that consistently deliver better on nutrition, taste
and quality.

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Fresh, Natural, Real

Who we are

Made is a vertically integrated food and beverage company, serving up smiles with a sunny side of wellbeing.

The story so far

Nutrient Water

MADE was founded in 2005 by three friends who shared a passion for health and fitness, an entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for innovation,

From day dot, MADE did things differently to build a highly agile business that was ahead of the curve. We established our own direct sales team and manufacturing capabilities early on, allowing us to embrace opportunities and swiftly respond to challenges.

It all started in 2005 with Australia’s first enhanced water, NutrientWater, a game-changing functional beverage range that established an early cult following which continues to grow.

In 2010, we launched Cocobella Coconut Water, bringing the purest, finest quality coconut water from sustainable plantations in Thailand and Indonesia to Australian shores.

The Cocobella offering soon expanded to include Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt, a deliciously creamy dairy-free yoghurt alternative. Today, Cocobella is the number one coconut water brand and plant-based yoghurt brand in Australia, with growth underway across Southeast Asia.

Made locations

In 2013 new manufacturing facilities took our capacity for growth and innovation to another level.  Soon after we launched our trailblazing functional nutrition brand, Rokeby, taking deliciously fresh local milk from farms around Gippsland and leveraging state of the art technology to create highly nutritious value-added dairy products including Rokeby Protein Smoothies, Rokeby Probiotic Yoghurt and Fitmilk.

In 2014 we squeezed our way into the world of cold-pressed juice, launching Impressed, celebrating and supporting the hard work of Australian farmers and their produce goodness.

In 2019, we relocated into new state-of-the-art 15,500sqm manufacturing facility, custom-designed and purpose-built to meet growing demand and deliver breakthrough innovation. Our success was not just limited to the local Australian market, with significant growth in our export business leading to the establishment of an International Head Office in Singapore in 2023.

MADE has grown into a fully-fledged vertically integrated business with a growing team throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. Our driven team combined with our world-class manufacturing facilities ensure that MADE continues to bring new product innovation to market and deliver growth in new and existing product categories to live our mantra “making healthy happy” well into the future.